Alpha Wolf Force X7 Review Ireland

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)

Alpha Wolf Force X7 – Ireland’s Best T-Booster?

Readily available throughout Ireland is US made Alpha Wolf Force X7.

It is an all encompassing, natural testosterone boosting supplement that is designed for all men, regardless of age, or requirements.

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Suitable for the younger man who is working hard to build huge muscles in the gym, it is also excellent at helping guys as they get older (35+) to regain their youthful energy and vitality.

Alpha Wolf Force X7 is the result of one mans search and desire for effective results.

Robert Clark, a certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and nutritional researcher had reached 40 years old.

After being keen fitness fan for the past 30 years, he was disappointed to notice that his hard earned muscle tone and strength was not what it should be. Add to that his libido and overall performance levels had dipped.

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Realising that he was experiencing the initial effects of low testosterone he set out to do something about it.

Not wanting to go down the drug based TRT route or use risky anabolic steroids, he decided to use a natural testosterone boosting supplement. 

After trying several popular products with limited results, out of frustration, he decided to do something about it himself, and set out on what turned out to be a 6 month period of intensive ‘hardcore’ research.

After reading hundreds of clinical studies, trials and experimenting with various ingredients, he formulated his own supplement and Force X7 was born.

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The Formula In Alpha Wolf Force X7

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Calling his formula “A critical combination of crucial minerals and vitamins” Robert has put together a very well balanced mix of proven T-boosters. He hasn’t followed the crowd, and instead has purely gone with the science and based the formulation simply on clinical results.

He fully discloses each and every ingredient along with the amounts of each found in each serving.

  • Vitamin D3 25mcg (1000iu)
  • Vitamin B3 30mg
  • Vitamin B6 2.5mg
  • Vitamin B12 0.25mg
  • Magnesium Citrate 45mg
  • Zinc Citrate 15mg
  • Maca Extract 250mg
  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha 500mg
  • Shilajit 200mg
  • Longjack 100mg
  • Boron Citrate 10mg
  • Bioperine 5mg

Summary Of Some Of The Key Ingredients

Vitamin D3. An essential t-boosting ingredient, clinical research has confirmed its ability to help boost testosterone, it also has numerous other health benefits.

Magnesium Citrate. Another key mineral absolutely essential for maximum testosterone production

Zinc Citrate. Essential for optimum fertility, semen production and testosterone release

Boron Citrate. Proven to help reduce the aromatase effect of estrogen, essential if you want to maintain high levels of testosterone in your blood.

Shilajit. black tar like substance that it actually made from broken down plants. only found in a few parts of the world, it is proven to be effective at boosting testosterone production

KSM-66 Ashwagandha. Proven to be the most effective and bioavailable of all ashwagandha extracts. proven to boost testosterone by up to 17%

Longjack. A well established libido booster. It also has the ability to help reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol – a recognised ‘testosterone killer’

How To Take Alpha Wolf Force X7

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The suggested daily serving is 3 capsules, its best to take with breakfast along with 6-8oz of water to aid and speed absorption

Users Testimonials

There are a lot of various user reviews and testimonials out there, the official website, you tube, you name it, you will find reports from satisfied users from all over the world.

They pretty much say the same thing – Alpha Wolf Force X7 delivers some great improvements in muscle tone, strength and performance.

Here are a few examples:

Does Alpha Wolf Force X7 Cause Any Side Effects

There have been no reports of any adverse side effects

Where To Buy Alpha Wolf Force X7 In Ireland

alpha wolf nutrition official website

You can buy from amazon or the official website (Click Here) a months supply will cost you $49.95 which works out (at time of writing) at 43,95 EUR

If you buy 3 bottles you get a 4th FREE.

Aside from any other savings, we have also negotiated a unique discount code for visitors from this website to save 10% – Simply go to official website (click the link above or at bottom of page) and enter the code TESTO10 into the box at checkout.

110% Cash Back Guarantee

The makers also provide an industry busting 30 day, 110% cash back guarantee. Simply put, if you buy and use Force X7 as directed and after 30 days have failed to see the skits you desire, simply return the empty bottle for a full refund. Whats more the makers will pay you an extra 10% on top for your inconvenience.

Final Thoughts – Why Buy Alpha Wolf Force X7

Its all about the formula, get it right and you are onto a winner, get it wrong, or do not put enough of the right ingredients in the mix and all you will experience is frustration and disappointment. – So many manufacturers just follow the lead of others and what you get is a long list of products with similar formulas. – Sure some will work to a point, but sadly many do not.

By ignoring the masses and instead simply going with the solid scientific evidence and the results from clinical trials, Robert and his team at Alpha Wolf have developed a first class T-booster that delivers great results, regardless of your age or requirements.

Its hard to beat, results are first class and quite frankly, certainly for us anyway, its the best one in Ireland by a mile.

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