How To Recognise Arthritis

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)

What Has Caused My Arthritis

Arthritis can be grouped together with several other rheumatic conditions, these are generally defined at inflammation of the joints and include systemic lupus, gout and both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

The latter is by far the most common and although generally thought to be the curse of the middle to old aged, can actually effect anybody at any age


Our joints are made up of two or more interlocking bones and cartilage that acts as a buffer or shock absorber between the bones as they move, this stops the bones themselves from actually touching each other and creating friction.

With age and sometimes after injury, this cartilage gradually depletes, eventually allowing the bones to make contact, this causes swelling, friction and pain

In some sufferers the problem can take a long time to develop, the symptoms can vary from mild irritation to severe swellings, crippling pain and eventually; disability

Osteoarthritis can affect virtually any joint, but is most common in the hands, neck, knees, lower back and hips.

How To Identify Osteoarthritis

Initially the symptoms tend to be stiffness of the joints and light pain, this often disappears at first with rest, but as the problem gradually worsens, the symptoms and the recovery period become more extensive.

If you believe that you could have osteoarthritis, its always best to see your doctor, they will examine you, and may well ask for x-rays or scans to identify the problem.

If the results determine that you do have osteoarthritis, they will then discuss the option for treatment with you.

How To Treat Arthritis

There is regretfully, no actual cure for arthritic joints, aside from surgical joint replacement which is an option when the problem is very serious or immobilizing, the only thing that doctors can prescribe are pain killers and possible anti inflammatory drugs, these often come in the form of steroid injections.

Its crucial that you maintain a healthy weight, as any extra weight can place further strain on the already painful and swollen joints

Long Term Use Of Painkillers

There are major concerns regarding the prolonged use of both painkillers and steroid treatments, these have been known to cause dependency issues and other side effects. There are regular media reports of one celebrity or another succumbing to pain killer addiction.

Natural Methods Of Pain Relief

Medical Experts In The USA have studied the effects of natural compounds on painful and swollen joints, their tests and trials have led them to Reishi, a natural fungus that has demonstrated terrific anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties – in fact its more effective than cortisone steroids.

This has been incorporated into a product called Provailen – a 100% natural and organic supplement that has literally enhanced the lives of thousands of Arthritis suffers throughout the US.

Provailen is now available without prescription throughout Ireland

More About Provailen

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