Male Acne Causes And Cures

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)

Causes Of Male Acne

Recent studies tell us that around 60% or all men in Ireland suffer from acne to various degrees. For some the problem is almost unnoticeable, for others it can have a huge impact on their confidence and their lives.

Although it is more common in the younger man, it can actually affect men aged well into their 40’s

Adult Acne can affect both men and women, In women its often caused by hormonal and bodily changes (puberty ,pregnancy and menopause), It is men that do tend to suffer from more extreme cases of acne, and this is exasperated by the fact that they are less likely to seek medical guidance or help.

What Causes Acne In Men

Once through puberty, the biggest causes can be linked to skin irritation (caused by outside sources or reactions to substances getting on the skin) and excess testosterone production. The latter is particularly common in men who body build as some of the supplements used to build muscle raise testosterone levels.

The increased levels cause the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum (the skins natural oil), this in turn blocks the pores, trapping the oil and dirt within which produces the bacteria that causes Acne.

There Are Different Types Of Acne

  • Adolescent Acne
  • Hormonal Acne
  • Drug Induced Acne – Caused By Reactions To Medications
  • Occupational Acne – Exposure to Substances In  The Work Place
  • Cosmetic Induced Acne – Reaction To Perfumes and Cosmetics

Treating Acne

In many ways the acne caused by exposure to substances that irritate are the easiest to treat – usually avoiding the exposure to whatever is aggravating the skin will quite quickly reduce the problem. When the problem is caused by medication, you need to seek guidance from your doctor who may need to change your medication, especially if it is being taken on a long term basis.

Specialised Acne Treatments

Here are of course many different acne treatments that you can buy, both in stores and online.

With so many to choose from, Its not always easy to know which is right for you and in fact if it will work, some are chemical based, and some use natural ingredients that tend to be less aggressive on the skin.

One of the best selling Acne treatments in the world today is the range of products made and sold by Exposed Skin Care, this US based company now ships its products worldwide and their entire range is now available to buy throughout Ireland.

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