Penis Enlargement

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2018)

Penis Enlargement – Fact Or Fiction

Can You Really Make Your Penis Longer?

penis-measurementFor as long as men have walked the earth, the size of a mans penis has often dictated his standing in his community. In ancient times, many Gods andLeaders were depicted with large Penises. Today its still a sign of fertility and masculinity in many tribal cultures.

Today’s man still has similar issues, if he feels that he is well endowed, he will tend to interact more positively with his peers and of course the opposite sex, His confidence will be high and this will reflect just how he is perceived in both business and personal relationships.

But Is Penis Enlargement Possible?

The resounding answer to this question is YES…. In years gone by, men used to hang weights from their penis to try and stretch them, ancient Arabic tribes developed a series of special penis exercises (called jelqing) that helped prepare young males for sexual encounters and adulthood.

These exercises are still used today and can be highly effective for many men, not just for helping to enlarge the penis but for also strengthening muscles. They are great for helping the man to generate stronger and longer lasting erections.

Doctors do agree however, that the only guaranteed way of lengthening your penis is by using traction – much along the way that doctors lengthen and straighten stunted or injured limbs, a penis traction device (or pump) can produce gains in length of between 2 and 3” in length along with a marked increase in girth or thickness.

How Do Penis Traction Devices Work

These devices are worn over the penis, they place the penis under a firm yet gentle and painless pulling pressure (traction). Over a period of time the pressure causes the internal cells in the penis to stretch, divide and duplicate. These increased cells grow to form new skin tissue and blood vessels, adding bulk to the penis.

The process is a slow but gradual one; it does take time and commitment from the user to see maximum gains.


When using a penis device, you need to be prepared to wear the device for as long as possible (at least 3 hours a day,and preferably overnight). Initial results can be quite quick to show and it’s not uncommon to see an encouraging  ½” growth in just two weeks, gradually over the weeks there will be ever increasing gains.

Increases in length using a traction device are permanent.

Penis Vacuum Pumps

Penis Traction Devices are not the only method of getting permanent enlargement – There are also devices called Penis Vacuum Pumps and these can be almost as effective as traction devices.

These work in a similar but different way to traction devices. Instead of physically stretching the penis, it is placed under the pressure of a vacuum. This vacuum forces ever increasing amounts of blood into the penis to generate visibly larger and stronger erections. At first the increase erection size will disperse as the erection subsides, but with daily use (experts recommend at least 15-25 minutes a day) the gains become permanent as the increased pressure of the blood flow forces the cells to duplicate much in the same way as traction devices..

Penis pumps fall into two groups, generally there are those that use air, and some that use water (In the bath or shower). It is generally considered that those that use water are the most safest to use as the water in the device helps to protect and support the penis during the process.

penomet-familyThe resulting enlargement gained from the use of a vacuum pump is not generally as much as could be obtained from a traction device, but its quite common to see increases approaching 2”.

What Device Would be Right For Me

Both will generate permanent gains in length; however the choice should really be dictated by your main concern or issue.

If erection problems are a concern, then plump for a vacuum pump, they are highly effective at helping men who have erection problems enjoy a fulfilling sex life, the erection gained from using a pump are generally larger, harder and longer lasting. The increase in length gained by regular use is an added bonus.

The best selling penis pump is Penomet, a fast acting and effective device that offers longer, harder erections and with regular use – permanent enlargement

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If your concern is more about size or if you are unlucky enough to suffer with penile curvature (Peyronies Disease) then you would be better of using a traction device. These are generally medically approved devices that are proven to help straighten curved penises and are guaranteed to safely generate permanent penis enlargement – these sorts of devices are used by doctors worldwide.

The best known and without doubt, the most effective is the medically approved device made by Size Genetics. The first device specifically developed for this purpose, the Size Genetics device offers guaranteed enlargement of up to 3”using a device that is built to exacting medical standards using surgical grade materials.

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