Peyronies Disease

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2018)

Peyronies Disease

Why is My Penis Bent?

If your penis bends or twists when it become erect, there is a good chance that you are suffering from Peyronies Disease.

peyronies-plaque-lumpAffecting around 1% of the male population to varying degrees, Peyronies disease can range from very slight bending that doesn’t have much impact right through to extreme bending or curvature of up to 90 degrees that makes it painful and even impossible to have sexual intercourse.

Causes Of  Peyronies Disease

The condition is caused by the development of hardened scar tissue known as plaques on one side of the penis. This causes the usually flexible erectile tissue to become stiff and inflexible.

As the penis swells with blood and starts to become erect; this area of the penis stays solid causing it to bend or curve over towards the area of the plaques.

It’s not totally clear just why these plaques occur, sometimes it could be due to injury or trauma, and in some cases it can be hereditary.

Many minor cases do actually clear on their own, for those that don’t, the last ditch option is surgery.

3515929_JCIS-2-63-g004There are several surgical options – these usually involve grafts, or implants to help straighten the penis, sometimes the skin opposite the plaque can be pinched to help maintain the straightness (but this option usually results in reduced penis length)

In many cases the procedures can cause a lack of erectile function rendering the sufferer impotent, occasionally permanently.

Non Surgical methods Of Treating Peyronies Disease

Doctors have experimented with vitamin and drug treatments to try and break down the plaques, Steroids, calcium blockers and vitamin E have all been tried with minimal success.

The only proven method of reducing the effects of Peyronies disease is by the use of a penis traction device. Many surgeons recommend these as a sure fire way of curing the problem without the need for surgical intervention.

Penis traction devices work by placing the penis under a gentle, yet firm and permanent pulling pressure (traction) this pressure gradually causes the plaques to break down, the internal cells stretch, divide and duplicate to provide increased mass to the penis. These increased cells help to straighten and if used long enough, will increase the permanent length of the penis.

Traction Devices Provide The Best Success Rates In The Treatment Of Peyronies Disease

What Device Should I Choose

There are a number of devices that are proven to treat and correct Peyroniessizegenetics-in-open-box disease, of these the one recommended by many specialist doctors is the device made by Size Genetics

Developed and designed by surgeons over 16 years ago, the device is an official type one medical device and is used and recognised by many specialist doctors.

Size Genetics was the first special penis device of its kind, often duplicated but so far it has never been equalled. It offers a proven and safe non invasive way of treating Peyronies disease.

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