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(Last Updated On: January 5, 2015)

Irelands #1 Teeth Whitening Kit

 Whiten Your Teeth By 11 Shades Of White Or Your Money Back

With professional costs for teeth whitening rising to around €200, its little wonder that the demand for good, effective home teeth whitening kits has Unknown-1reached an all time high.

The problem is that there are so many to choose from and will no doubt be wondering

  • Is The Kit Safe And Approved
  • How White Will My Teeth Get
  • Is It Simple To Use
  • How Fast Will It Work
  • Is It Expensive

The kit supplied by Smile4you is one that you can trust…

Developed over in the USA some 15 years ago and now readily available across Ireland, The Smile4you kit was developed by a leading Dental Surgeon, he recognised the need for an effective ‘at home’ whitening kit and since its launch has been the best selling kit virtually worldwide. It has successfully whitened the teeth of millions of consumers worldwide and is used in many professional dental surgeries today.

The Smile4you kit has full FDA approval for its safety and results – no other kit can claim this. It has been featured in many media publications and has appeared on TV shows including Oprah Winfrey.

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14Why Should I Choose Smile4you

The kit is fully approved and offers many benefits to its users:

Approved Whitening Gel – The single most important part of any kit – Smile4you use dental grade Carbamide peroxide whitening gel at an approved strength of 16% – this is strong enough to whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white but not so strong as to cause uncomfortable sensitivity – a problem caused by some kits that use over strength gels.

Largest Amount Of Gel Of Any Kit – Smile4you offers fantastic value for money, the kits contain enough gel for over 200 treatments – this is ten times more than most kits and with a two year shelf life this means that you can whiten and repeat the treatment without having to repeatedly buy more gel

Customisable Teeth Trays – Two warm and form teeth trays are supplied with each kit, these are simple to mould to your teeth and provide the maximum coverage and ultimately – all over whitening.

Ease Of Use – The kit is supplied with full and easy to follow instructions

Fast Working – Each treatment takes 30 minutes, and results are usually visible after the first treatment – it can take up to 14 days to achieve maximum whiteness (up to 11 shades of white), this will depend on the original level of staining.

Affordable – Kits start at just over €22.43 – a fraction of having the work done professionally

Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back

Unlike many kits on the market, Smile4you offer a full 14 day cash back guarantee that assures you a full refund should you be unhappy with the results.

Where To Buy Smile4You Teeth Whitening Kits In Ireland

The official Smile4you website accepts orders from Ireland and in fact worldwide, shipping is sent out from local distribution centres and delivery is fast and discreet

Ordering can be done securely online or if you prefer, by telephone.

Prices for the kits start at €22.43, there are other kits in the range that offer additional accessories that will speed and enhance the whitening process.

Whiten Your Teeth By Up To 11 Shades In 14 days Or Less


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