What Is Gynaecomastia

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2013)

Causes Of Man Boobs

Gynaecomastia (commonly called Man Boobs) effects a large number of men of all ages, it is a man boobshormonal problem caused by excess breast tissue being formed in the chest area. It often occurs during puberty but can actually develop at any age.

Sufferers of severe cases of gynaecomastia can develop quite feminine looking breasts, and this can lead them open to jokes and ridicule, especially from their peers.

Aside from hormone imbalances, man boobs can also be caused by some medications and also anabolic steroids, often used by body builders.

Having Man Boobs Is Not A Sign Of Being Overweight

If the problem appears in puberty, it often disappears as the hormones balance themselves out, when it develops in an older man it can be attributed to a problem with the pituitary gland.

Man Boobs are not a results of being over weight – the excess fat that builds up in overweight men can only be reduced by diet and exercise.

Treatments For Man Boobs

In severe cases, surgery can be an option, these procedures are generally cosmetic procedures and because of this are subject to high financial costs plus all the usual risks and issues with invasive surgery.

There are other more natural methods of controlling gynaecomastia and these come n the form of natural supplements that work within the body to redress the hormone issues and reduce the excess gynexin open boxbreast tissue, firming and smoothing the chest. Available in both Pill form and cream, thee have been found to be highly successful and far cheaper and less risky that surgical methods.

One such product is Gynexin, made by Canadian specialists Zudker, Gynexin is formulated from powerful herbal extracts that target and break down the fatty adipose tissue that causes the appearance of gynaecomastia.

Gynexin is available throughout Ireland.

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