Where To Buy Gynexin In Ireland

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2018)

Gynexin – Cure For Man Boobs

Now Available In Ireland – Gynexin-The Best Selling Treatment For Man Boobs From Canada

gyn-7Man Boobs (proper name Gynaecomastia) can have a real debilitating effect on a mans confidence – often making him the target of ridicule from his peers, which even if its made in jest, can make him feel very insecure and self conscious.

Man boobs can affect any body at any age, when it occurs in puberty, it’s often down to over active hormones, and usually regulates itself as puberty finishes.

In the older man, the problem is caused by increased activity of hormones that generate excess adipose breast tissue, generating the appearance of feminine looking breasts.

A rather shocking fact is that around 30% of all Irish men have gynaecomastia to varying degrees


Until recent years, the only real option to sufferers of gynaecomastia, especially in severe cases was surgery – these cosmetic procedures remove the excess tissue to flatten and firm the breast area.

There are several issues with surgical treatments, as with any invasive surgery there are risks involved, pain, scarring and infection are all commonplace, there is also a high financial cost, most breast surgeries cost from €3500 upwards.

The final point is that, unless the hormonal problem is corrected, its quite possible that the excess tissue will reappear in time.

Natural Surgery Free Treatment For Man Boobs

There is an alternative to surgery, Canadian health care specialists Zudker have developed a 100% natural supplement that has been proven in clinical testing to redress the hormone balance and reduce the excess tissue that is responsible for those hated man boobs.

This Product Is Called Gynexin

Gynexin works alongside the body’s natural processes to correct any hormone imbalances, it targets and reduces the excess adipose tissues that has collected around the mammary glands.

How Fast Does Gynexin Work


Gynexin is not an overnight cure, it works gradually over a period of a few weeks. Usually users will notice a definite firming of the chest area in around 2 weeks, over the following 2-3 weeks the man boobs will visibly reduce.

The full time required to achieve maximum results will depend on the severity of the problem, users should continue with Gynexin until the desired results are reached.

The results are generally permanent, as the hormone imbalance has been corrected, the problem (unlike following surgery) should not return.

Where To Buy Gynexin In Ireland

Zudker sell Gynexin from their official website, being based in Canada, the prices are shown in $, but this is converted into EUR by your card company when you purchase.


The starter package which is a months supply of Gynexin costs $69.95, which works out at €53.50 EUR

The months supply is perfect for mild cases of gynaecomastia or just to experience just how effective Gynexin is;  The makers do offer some larger packages at discounted prices for those with more severe cases of man boobs

With full distribution in place across Ireland, orders are shipped quickly and discreetly.

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