Where To Buy Profollica In Ireland

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2015)

Profollica Hair Restorer Ireland

The best selling hair restoring product in the USA has now crossed ‘the pond’ to be available to buyers throughout Ireland.profollica_icon002_300x400.gif

Profollica has built a substantial reputation for being one of the best products of its type.

What Is Profollica

Profollica is a complete hair re-growth system, it cleanses, heals and targets the main cause of male baldness- Excess levels of DHT

DHT is a by-product of testosterone that targets and poisons the hair producing follicles, at first hair growth reduces, leaving fine, weak hairs that gradually stop growing all together.

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How Does Profollica Work

Profollica works to reduce the production of DHT, it comprises a three part system that helps to generate the optimum conditions for effective and strong hair re-growth. It is based on Three Aims – Revive, Support And Protect

  • Step 1 – A daily herbal supplement helps to reduce the production of DHT, feeding and nourishing the hair producing follicles
  • Step 2 – The scalp purifying shampoo clears harmful scalp conditions including psoriasis, dandruff, and excess oil.
  • Step 3 – The Follicle Stimulator kick-starts hair production to encourage fast and strong hair re-growth – Simply spray the roots of the affected areas after shampooing.

profollicaHow Long Will It Take To Work

The product works alongside the hairs natural growth cycle, most users report improvements in growth after around 25-30 days – usually after 60 days the results are highly noticeable.

How Much Is The Profollica System

Profollica is sold direct from the manufacturer’s official website, based in the USA the prices are displayed in US Dollars.

Orders are shipped across Ireland from local distribution centres; shipping is fast and discreet. –

The Cost for buyers in Ireland is $59.95 which works out at EUR €45.75 for a 30 day supply, there are some attractive discounts for those looking for longer term periods of treatment.


Our Thoughts

Profillica is an affordable and inexpensive alternative to hair transplant surgeries. The product is actually guaranteed to work or your money back.

Simply use Profollica as directed, if you fail to see any improvement you can return any unused product and the packaging within 60 days for a full refund.- see website for full details.

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