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(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)

Provailen – Effective Pain Relief Without Side Effects

 Natural Relief From Arthritic And Other Joint Pain

It is thought that over a million people in Ireland suffer from Arthritis, if you are one of them, you will be only too aware that your Doctor can only really help you manage your pain by prescribing prescription pain relieving drugs and possible anti inflammatory steroid treatments.

The main concern with these prescription drugs is that long term use has well documented side effects along with the risk of dependency.

Issues resulting from the over use of pain killers have resulted in

  • Ulcers
  • Kidney Damage
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Irregular Heart Beat
  • Dependency

Treating Arthritis is a long term affair and our body reacts to us taking the sorts of drugs on a regular basis by becoming used to them, this means that their effectiveness reduces, leading to us needing to take more to get relief. This can lead to an every increasing spiral which in some well documented cases can eventually prove fatal.

How Can We Live Life Pain Free Without Any Risks

Check Out Provailen

Provailen is the end result of studies carried out in Texas USA. Scientists there studied the effects of various natural compounds on swollen joints and in particular, their ability to control pain.

One natural product came to their attention, a fungus, more particularly, a mushroom called Reishi demonstrated a staggering anti inflammatory ability, further tests showed that it was actually more efficient at reducing inflammation that an average dose of cortisoid steroid.

Whats more it did not cause any adverse reactions or side effects.

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Reishi Mushrooms contain a high level of a compound called Polysaccharide beta-1,3-D-glucan, this helps to increase our natural levels of something called macrophages T Cells.

Macrophages T Cells

These are the body’s natural cells that help to clear bacteria and dead/bad cells, they help to reduce inflammation and along with it the pain caused by having arthritic joints.


Can A Simple Mushroom Really Do All That

Yes, lets not forget that the worlds most powerful antibiotic – Penicillin is derived from a fungus.

Reishi has been used in traditional eastern medicines for thousands of years, the makers of Provailen have taken Reishi and have blended it with two other proven natural ingredients that have made it the most effective and safest natural pain relieving product today

Ingredients In Provailen

TongKat Ali – Boosts muscle tissue, reducing wear and tear

Capsaicin Extract – Increases healthy blood flow to the joint helping to increase joint function and support by reducing the inflammation that causes the pain of arthritic joints

Is Provailen Safe

Provailen is nothing like anything your doctor can offer, being 100% natural it can offer you long term pain relief and ease of movement without the risk of dependency or other health issues.

Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back – see website for more details

Where To Buy Provailen In Ireland

Provailen can be bought directly from the manufacturers official website, ordering is secure and shipping is from local distribution centres that assures a fast and discreet delivery.

Provailen costs from just € 39.96 for a months supply which is perfect to experience just what Provailen can do for you and your joint pain, there are special offers available for those looking for long term relief.

Recommended Package

Our vote for Best Buy would be the 3+1 package – for just €119.88 buyers get four months supply for the cost of just three – a saving of €39.96

Start Living Your Life Pain Free

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