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(Last Updated On: December 20, 2019)

Size Genetics Review Ireland

Now Available Throughout Ireland – Size Genetics- The Worlds Most Effective Penis Extender. Guaranteed Penis Enlargement or Your Money Back [Updated 2020]

sizegenetics-in-open-boxThe Size Genetics device was developed in Denmark over 15 years ago, it was the brainchild of reconstructive surgeons who needed a device that supported penises after surgical procedures.

The device is a medically approved Type One Medical Device that is used to both lengthen penises and straighten or correct those affected by Peyronies disease.

Used by the medical community across the world, it is one of the only products of its kind to be featured both in the written media and on TV.

  • Increase Penis Length By up To 3” Plus Improved Girth
  • Special Comfort System Generates Maximum Results Quickly
  • Guaranteed Enlargement Or Your Money Back

How Does Size Genetics Work?

The device capitalises on the body’s unique ability to regenerate and grow, it uses the time served method of applying gentle traction along the length of the penis. The pulling pressure causes the internal cells to stretch, divide and duplicate, ultimately creating more mass to the penis. The procedure is also medically proven and accepted way of straightening a penis that is curved by Peyronies disease.

This method is exactly the same one that is used by doctors worldwide to straighten or lengthen stunted limbs.

We have all seen photographs of native tribal members with elongated necks, ears and lips – this is all the result of traction.

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Unknown-3Is Traction Safe

The process is completely painless and safe, its widely used by doctors worldwide and is the only guaranteed way of getting permanent enlargement.

How Long Does The Process Take

Traction is a slow but highly effective process, users will require commitment to achieve maximum results as it will take up to 6 months. That said its not uncommon to see an encouraging increase of around ½” in just two weeks.

Time spent wearing the device is crucial, the longer the better and it is recommended that you wear the device overnight, or for at least 2-3 hours daily

Is Size Genetics Comfortable To Wear

The manufacturers have spent a lot of time researching and investing in this subject, they have developed a 58 way comfort system that gives the users 58 different ways of wearing the device comfortably.

Too many inferior devices just rely on a simple silicone loop to secure the head of the penis. While this will work for some, the majority of users find these to be highly uncomfortable which limits the time that they can wear the device and as a direct result; reduces the results.

Just How Large Can I Get With Size Genetics

If worn as often as directed and for up to 6 months, there is no reason why you should not see gains of 3” along with a marked increase in girth.


James Mullinger, a journalist working for GQ magazine tried the device as part of his research for a recent article on male enhancement – he achieved a fully documented ½” growth in just 14 days

Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back

Size Genetics recognise the commitment required when using their device, they want to make sure that all buyers are happy with their purchase and give a full 6 month cash back guarantee on all orders. Simply put- if you use the Size Genetics device as directed and fail to achieve any gains, simply return the device for a full refund – see website for details

Where Can I Buy Size Genetics In Ireland

With male enhancement products still relatively taboo, these kinds of products can only be bought online. The official Size Genetics website accepts orders from buyers worldwide.

Shipping is made from local distribution centres and all orders are packaged discreetly.

Here are several package options available; prices start at € 146.90 for the basic device rising to €286.45 for the top of the range ultimate system.

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